Coolest 19 Graduated Droppers in 2019

  OESS Thick Glass Graduated Dropper Pipettes 1ml with Red Rubber Caps Pk/4 - Graduation is very precise, clear and professional, the calibration marks are easily readable. Pipettes are made of borosilicate glass,thick and durable. The glass pipettes are environmental friendly and non-toxicit is also reusable after clean up,and better than plastic pipette. Package included4pcs 1ml

Top 18 Best Petri Dis in 2019

  24 VWR Polystyrene Disposable Sterile Stackable Petri Dishes 100x15mm - The stacking ring feature, on some models, facilitates positive stacking while the slip-ring feature, on other models, facilitates lateral or automated handling. Dishes are sterilized by irradiation or eo and are packaged in linear tear, medical style bags. Vwr® petri dishes are available in a

22 Most Wanted Vivaspin 20s for 2019

  GE Life Sciences 28-9323-59 Vivaspin 20 Sample Concentrators, 500ul 5 kDa MWCO, Polyethersulfone (Pack of 12) - One-step sample concentration in a single tube for minimal sample handling and reduced sample loss. 12978 us. Compatible ph range is from ph 1 to 9. Patented dead-stop technology, which ensures that samples cannot be concentrated to dryness

18 Most Wanted Safety Wash Bottles for 2019

  Safety Wash Bottles, Low-Density Polyethylene, Wide Mouth, Distilled Water [ 1 Ea.] - Variety pack includes one each acetone (red closure), ethanol (natural closure), isopropanol (yellow closure), methanol (green closure), toluene (red closure), and water (blue closure). Caution ldpe wash bottles are intended for short term dispensing use only and not for storage of acetone,

Best Beaker With Spout out of top 24 in 2019

  WPI CG-0003 Borosilicate Glass Griffin Beaker with Spout, 30mL Capacity (Pack of 12) - Borosilicate 33 glass has an 80% silica content for clarity, high mechanical strength, and high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. 30ml capacity with white, dual-scale graduation intervals and marking area for labeling. Pack of 12 student-grade beaker meets american

22 Best Finnpipettes in 2019

  Thermo Scientific 9420390 Finnpipette 1-Position Multichannel Stand, Holds One Finnpipette - Light, smooth pipetting action enables better results over longer pipetting periods. Fully autoclavable entire pipetter can be autoclaved in one piece. Double-action pipetting button rotating upper part prevents accidental volume alteration. Wide, supportive finger rest space for personal id tag. Stand holds up to

24 Top Potato Dextrose Agars for 2019

  10 Potato Dextrose Agar Pre poured Petri Dishes (PDA) - When you shop with carolina, you’re not alone all of our products are backed by unparalleled technical support, available from 8am to 8pm, et, monday-friday contact information (live chat, email, and phone) is provided after placing your order at amazon. The carolina pledge 100% satisfaction

Coolest 17 Liquid Handlings in 2019

  DRAGON SurePette Variable Micro Pipette Liquid Handling Transfer Pipettor MicroPipette (0.5-10μl) - Fully autoclavable for decontamination and sterilization. Digit counter indicates the selected volume and is positioned on the side of the pipette body for visibility. Adjustable single-channel micropipette with a manual volume control for transporting a measured volume of liquid. Calibrated to iso 8655

17 Greatest Biomeks for 2019

  AXYGEN – 20ul Beckman Biomek Filter Tips- Racked & Pre-Ste rilized, CS4800 - • for beckman biomek filter tips in clear color • 20ul • pre-sterilized • also available in maxymum recovery • 4800/case.   AXYGEN – 50ul Black Conductive- Pre-Sterilized Pipet Tips f or BC Biomek FX Span-8 Automated Systems, CS4800 - Axygen, 1000ul clr

17 Greatest Kimble Bottles for 2019

  KIMBLE – Bottle- Mrnd- Clr- 1Oz- Phen- Ptfe , PK108 - • wide-mouth design for efficient addition and removal of contents • clear glass allows for easy viewing of contents • choose from a variety of cap / liner combinations in bulk packs • manufactured from soda-lime glass conforming to usp type iii and astm