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Top 19 Best Pipette Stands

  1. Microlit Microlit Lab Micropipette – Single-Channel Adjustable Volume Micro Pipette Fully Autoclavable Pipettor (100-1000ul) Fully autoclavable to ensure sterility microlit pipettes are fully autoclavable 121 c 15psi For 1015 mins without the need for any disassembly Complete autoclaving instructions can be found in the provided user manual Designed with ergonomics in mind lightweight

23 Best Lab Volumetric Flasks

  1. TN LAB Supply TN LAB Volumetric Flask 250ml Borosilicate Glass 14/23 Class A Accuracy 2-Pack Flat bottoms are ideal for precise stirring 2pack of 250ml volumetric borosilicate glass flask class a accuracy Glass flask with 1423 joint for superior strength and durability Easytoread precise 250ml marking Pp stopper 1423 to minimize sticking and

25 Best and Coolest Mettler Toledos

  1. Mettler Toledo Mettler Toledo ME204TE NewClassic ME-TE Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg Calibration type external Auto shutoff yes Output rs323 usb host usb device Languages en de fr es it ru pl cz hu nl pt tr cn jp kr Description mettler toledo me204te analytical balance 220 g x 01 mg

16 Most Wanted Dram Glass Vials

  1. Furnido Furnido Pack of 50 2 ml (5/8 Dram) Cobalt Blue Glass Dropper Bottles,Empty Eye Dropper Sample Vials with Black Dropper Caps for Fragrance,Essential Oil,Perfume,Cosmetic Liquid Lotion-2 Dropper Free Package included 50 pack 2ml blue glass eye dropper bottles with glass droplets pipette cap with black cover free 2 pcs 2ml dropperall in

16 Best Essential Oil Pipettes

  1. MEDca Eye Dropper – (Pack of 2) Bent & Straight Tip Calibrated Glass Medicine Droppers for Medications or Essential Oils Pipette Dropper for Accurate Easy Dose and Measurement (1 mL Capacity) Always maintain an accurate dosage because these glass droppers have a 1 ml capacity youll be able to administer medication and other

20 Best and Coolest Trinoculars

  1. AmScope AmScope T390C Professional Compound Trinocular Microscope, 40X-2500X Magnification, WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces, Brightfield, Halogen Illumination, Abbe Condenser, Double-Layer Mechanical Stage, 110V-220V Auto-Switching Doublelayer mechanical stage with 10mm stage divisions locks slide into place and provides precise slide manipulation along the x and yaxis to allow coordinates to be recorded enabling the viewer

20 Best and Coolest Tecans

  1. SP Bel-Art SP Bel-Art Robotic Sterile Filtered Pipette Tips; Tecan Type, 50uL, Conductive (Pack of 24 Racks x 96 Tips) Filtered to prevent contamination of pipette arm Dnase rnase pyrogen free manufactured in class 8 clean room Ce marked Conductive tip models detect the liquid level when pipetting conductive liquids to ensure repeatable

20 Top Lab Photometers & Light Meters

  1. Digi-Sense Digi-Sense Data Logging Light Meter with NIST-Traceable Calibration Display type 4000count lcd backlit Interface usb Data logging 87000 readings Accuracy 3 of reading 05 fullscale 4 of reading 10 digits above 10000 lux Function datalogging minmaxhold recordrecall auto poweroff lowbattery indicator userselectable lux or fc   2. Pupilash Radiation Testing- Solar Power

Best and Coolest 22 2 Ml Centrifuge Tubes

  1. SPL Life Sciences SPL 50ml Conical Centrifuge Tube PP/HDPE, Sterile Non – pyrogenic, Non – cytotoxic, DNase/RNase – Free, Human DNA – Free (25 Tubes) External graduations with marking area External dimension d x h mm 3000 x 11500 Non pyrogenic non cytotoxic dnase rnase free human dna free Screw cap with tight

Top 21 Chemistry Kits

  1. Jingzan 136 Pieces Organic Chemistry Model Kit, Chemistry Molecular Model Kit Set for Student or Teacher – 59 Atoms & 76 BondsĀ & 1 Short Link Remover Tool – Science Toys The molecular kit is perfect for learning and teaching organic chemistry home school educating giving as great birthday gifts for all ages All