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22 Top Glass Vacuums for 2020

  Laboy HMA015403 Glass Vacuum Take-off Adapter Bent Long Stem 24/40 Lab Glassware - This long-stem 105° bent take off adapter with long stem is used to connect a condenser to a receiving flask for vacuum distillation. The adapter with 14/20 top outer joint and 14/20 bottom inner joint, used with condenser and flask with 24/40

Best 24 Porcelain Mortars for 2020

  1900mL Premium Deep Form Porcelain Mortar and Pestle w/8.3″ Diameter - The pestle is also made of porcelain and is almost completely glazed. The slightly rounded, flared head of the pestle remains unglazed, allowing it to get purchase on any material in the mortar, and work in tandem to grind the contents down. Made of

Top 25 Best Pyrex 250mls in 2020

  PYREX 250mL Single Metric Scale Cylinders, No. 22 Standard Taper Stopper - 7650-22. Each features a pyrex® no. Useful as a mixing cylinder. Graduation markings are in durable white enamel. For replacement pyrex® standard taper stoppers, see no. Each cylinder is individually serialized and supplied with a corning certificate of identification and capacity, traceable to

Coolest 20 Blank Microscope Slides in 2020

  AmScope BS-50P-C 50pc Blank Pre-Cleaned Microscope Glass Slides + 100pc Pre-Cleaned Circular Glass Cover Slips - 2mm). 4×76. 006″ (0. Material optical glass. 15mm in thickness). 006″ (0. Dimensions of cover slips 3/4″ (18mm in diameter) x 0. The cover slips are 3/4″ (18mm) in diameter and 0. They are brand new in factory-sealed box.

Top 17 250ml Erlenmeyer Flasks for 2020

  Corning Pyrex #4980 Erlenmeyer Narrow Mouth, Glass Flask Set with Rubber Stoppers – 3 Sizes – 50mL, 125mL, 250mL - Set of 3 pyrex erlenmeyer flasks with rubber stoppers. Each set contains 1 of each 50ml, 125ml, 250ml including rubber stoppers to fit each. Their uniform wall thickness provides the proper balance between mechanical strength

Top 23 Best Liebig Condensers in 2020

  GSC International CL300MM-24/40 Borosilicate Liebig Condenser, Ground Joints 24/40, 300 mm - Ground joints 24/40. 300 mm jacket length. Borosilicate glass.   Laboy HMC0125011 Glass Liebig Condenser with Removable Hose Connection with 14/20 Joint 120 mm Jacket Length - Laboy glass are all made of high-quality borosilicate glass and made by hand-blowing to ensure uniform wall

22 Best 1000 Ml Beakers in 2020

  Azlon 522135-0002 5 Piece Polypropylene Square Ratio Beaker Assortment, Includes 50, 100, 250, 600 and 1000mL Beakers - Shatter resistant. Material polypropylene. Each beaker features a vertical lip around the top of the beaker to contain spills that may occur and also to allow the beakers to be stacked together in sets when not in

25 Greatest Plastic Hydrometers for 2020

  Thermco Baume Plastic Hydrometer, Heavier Than Water 9 to 21 x 0.2 - All models are plain form, so a separate thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of the sample and correct for any temperature variations. Temperature standard is 60f, length 300 mm. Thermco’s plastic hydrometers are fabricated from polycarbonate (pc) which makes

18 Best and Coolest Rubber Stoppers for 2020

  United Scientific Assorted Rubber Stoppers, Size 1-6 - Also included in this set are 8 solid stoppers of #5, and 4 each of #6 solid and one-hole stoppers for a total of 76 stoppers. Rubber stoppers are more durable than cork, and are less likely to disintegrate and leave debris inside the tube. Teachers in

Top 16 Plastic Beakers for 2020

  50 ml Graduated Plastic Beaker, Pack of 2, KeL Scientific KS-1110 - Height 2 1/2 inches diameter 1 3/4 inches (od). Plastic beakers made from polypropylene with molded in graduations. Graduations every 10 ml. Features a lip and a pouring spout. Strain temperature of 135 celsuis.   1000ml Plastic Beaker; 20ml Graduations, Premium Polypropylene; Pack