Top 17 for Best Short Stem Funnel

  1. stonylab stonylab Glass Powder Funnel, Heavy Wall Borosilicate Glass Short Stem Funnel with 75 mm Top Diameter and 22 mm Stem Diameter Top diameter 75 mm Stem diameter 22 mm Stonylab short stem powder funnel Borosilicate glass heavy duty and reusable Warranty stonylab 1year limited warranty if received damaged please contact us immediately

Top 22 Best Graham Condensers

  1. NC NC Essential Oil Extraction Separator,Steam Distillation Equipment,Graham Condenser Own extraction of essential oils Operational simplicity Accessible sample customization a large number of purchase counseling customer service receives additional offers Available for laboratory use or for personal use Essential oil extraction separator   2. GSC International GSC International 4005-400 Borosilicate Graham Condenser, Ground

Best 24 Nylon Membrane Filters

  1. ALLPURE Nylon Syringe Filters [Wettability: Hydrophilic Nylon Membrane] 25mm Diameter 1.0 μm Pore Size Laboratory Filters by Allpure Biotechnology (Pack of 100) (Nylon, 1.0 μm) What you getwe will get 30 days aftersales protection with a new replacement or money back Main features the 10μm and 50μm pore size filters has fast flow

22 Most Wanted TLC Plates

  1. AAdvance Instruments UV Lamp 6W 254nm + 365nm Handheld Portable Shortwave + Longwave UVA UVC Li-ion Battery/DC Powered AAdvance Instruments AI2UV20DC Free extra option this lamp can be used as 254 nm x2 shortwave uvc or 365 nm x2 longwave uva according to the bulb If desired we can prepare the unit for

Top 17 for Best Lab Filter

  1. TN LAB Supply TN Lab Buchner Funnel Kit Filter Flask Set 120mm Funnel and a 2000ml 2L Vacuum Flask Perfectly matched set of buchner funnel and filter vacuum flask Matching vacuum sealing adapter to fit funnel and flask 120mm buchner porcelain ceramic funnel 2000ml 2l heavywall filter vacuum flask with side arm  

Best Lab Short Stem Funnel out of top 22

  1. stonylab StonyLab 2-Pack Glass Heavy Wall Funnel Borosilicate Glass Funnel, Short Stem 100mm Diameter, 100mm Stem Length Stem length 100mm Made of borosilicate glass Package includes 2pack stonylab borosilicate glass funnels Diameter 100mm Stonylab ensures high quality products and premium customer service if received damaged please contact us immediately we will solve it

Best 25 Lab Small Volume Microplates

  1. GSERVICEBIO GSERVICEBIO PCR Reaction Plates for PCR 96-Well PCR Reaction Plate (0.2ml semi-Skirt) It is suited for both automactic loading as well as robotic handing It has a very rigid extra stalilized frame and an elevated shirt The plate has a working volume of 02ml per well Pcr platesmade from high quality medical

Top 16 Syringe Filters

  1. ALLPURE Hydrophilic PTFE Syringe Filters 25mm Diameter 0.45μm Pore Size for Laboratory Filtration by Allpure Biotechnology (Hydrophilic PTFE, Pack of 100) Be your partner choose allpure biotechnology will get 30 days aftersales protection with a new replacement or money back Hydrophilic ptfe syringe filters virgin pp housing with hydrophilic ptfe membrane pp support

22 Top Spherical Flasks

  1. LabZhang LabZhang 2Pcs 4.3″ Diam. Lab Flask Support Cork Stand 110mm for 250-2000mL Flasks,Laboratory Flask Cork Stand Mat Ring Holder for Round Bottom Flask Used to keep flasks or other spherical bottom containers from being easily damaged Made of highquality cork good elasticity friction resistance thermoelectric insulation Flask support is nontoxic tasteless small

19 Top Amber Volumetric Flasks

  1. ADAMAS-BETA Class A 250mL Amber Volumetric Flasks with Ground Glass Stopper (Case of 2) Flat interior bottoms for stirring with standard stir bars Class a Superior strength durability and safety from heavy uniform walls Pipet access is easy with wide mouth volumetric flasks Quick identification with large permanent easytoread markings   2. Foxx