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Top 19 Centrifuge Tubes

  1. TEHAUX TEHAUX 15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes, Membrane Solutions Sterile Glass Test Tubes with Screw Caps, Lab Polypropylene Container with Graduated, 10pcs The tubes come with seal screw caps which offer both vented and fully closed positions Glass graduated cylinder great for laboratory test Ideal for samples food colourings craft use etc Centrifuge tubes

23 Best and Coolest Sterile Centrifuge Tubes

  1. Labnique 50 ml Conical Centrifuge Tube, Sterile, up to 12000xg, PP (Pack of 25) Length with cap 1214mm od of tube 286mm Maximum centrifugal force up to 12000xg Made of high transparency pp material 25 per pack eO Sterile External graduations with white marking area Screw cap with tight sealing   2. GlobalRoll

15 Coolest Cell Strainers

  1. BD BD 352360 Falcon Yellow Nylon Mesh Cell Strainer, 100 Micron, Medical Grade (Case of 50) Cell strainer for fitting inside bd falcon 500ml centrifuge tube Yellow nylon mesh with 100 micron pores evenly spaced for consistent results Molded colorcoded polypropylene frame with tab for ease of handling Extended lip for enabling aseptic

20 Best and Coolest Bottletop Lab Filters

  1. Foxx Life Sciences Autofil Sterile Disposable Vacuum Filter Units with 0.45um PES Membrane for Prefiltration or Clarification, 1000mL, 12/CS Available in 01 μm 022 μm or 045 μm pes asymmetric membrane filter Forwardfacing large raised graduation marks for easy reading Secure grasp bottle cap technology Quickconnect pedestal base or cradle ring allows for

Top 16 Best Spreaders

  1. Celltreat Celltreat 229617 Polypropylene L-Shaped Cell Spreader, Sterile, 145mm Length, Green (Case of 500) Flexible for easy access to small volume tubes and dishes Packaged sterile gamma irradiated in individual or bulk easytoopen paperplastic wrappers Color coded for easy identification   2. dobodasy 2PCS Multifunctional Stainless Steel Butter Knife and Butter Spreader, Cheese

Top 20 Best Sterile Petri Dishes

  1. KOOMEDA KOOMEDA 80 Pack Sterile Plastic Petri Dishes, 90mm Dia × 15mm Deep Petri Dishes with Lids, Lab Petri Dishes with 200 Plastic Transfer Pipettes for Laboratory Studies, Scientific Research Medical grade plastic made of medical grade pvc our sterile plastic petri dishes are safe to use in medical biological scientific and other

Top 20 for Best Sterile Tube

  1. Celltreat Celltreat 229411 Polypropylene Centrifuge Tube, Sterile, 15mL Volume, Re-Sealable Bag (Case of 500) Clear centrifuge tubes are available in sterile gamma irradiated or nonsterile pack options Graduations on clear tubes are printed in bold easytoread black ink and are accurate to 2 Large white marking area provides excellent contrast for identification All

Best Culture Flask out of top 23

  1. Kimble Chase Kimble Chase 26720-250 Cell Culture/Media Erlenmeyer Flask with GL45 Screw Thread, 50 mL to 225 mL Graduation Range, 25 mL Graduation Interval, 125 mm Height, 250 mL, Borosilicate Glass (Pack of 6) Marking spots and scales are durable white ceramic enamel Flasks come with blue polypropylene caps and clear seal rings

Best 15 Lab Cell Culture Microplates

  1. Sarstedt Sarstedt 6-Well Cell Culture Plate with Flat Base and Standard TC Surface, TC Tested Each plate labeled with lot number expiration date and red color code for the growth surface type Individually wrapped tc tested sterile noncytotoxic and free of dna dnase rnase and pyrogens Flat base wells with 887cm2 growth surface

Best Cell Culture Flask out of top 21

  1. Celltreat Celltreat 229500 Suspension Culture Flask with Vent Cap, Sterile, 25mL Volume (Case of 200) Provided with 022μm hydrophobic membrane vent cap to allow gas exchange Packaged sterile gamma irradiated in zipclosure bags Suspension culture flasks are not tissue culture treated Hydrophobic surface does not facilitate cell attachment   2. Celltreat Celltreat 229870