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Best 25 Lab Small Volume Microplates

  1. GSERVICEBIO GSERVICEBIO PCR Reaction Plates for PCR 96-Well PCR Reaction Plate (0.2ml semi-Skirt) It is suited for both automactic loading as well as robotic handing It has a very rigid extra stalilized frame and an elevated shirt The plate has a working volume of 02ml per well Pcr platesmade from high quality medical

Coolest 17 Low Form Beakers

  1. Karter Scientific Glass Low Form Beaker Set, 6 Sizes – 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1L, 3.3 Borosilicate Glass, Karter Scientific Griffin low form 6 sizes 10 50 100 250 500 1000ml 33 borosilicate glass Astm specification e960 type i requirements Extra large marking spot   2. Pyrex Pyrex 1000-3L Pyrex 1000-3L

18 Top Cryogenic Vials

  1. Corning Corning 430659 Corning 430659 External Thread Cryogenic Vials; 2.0 mL, Self-Standing, 50/Pack (Pack of 50) Description external thread cryogenic vials 20 ml selfstanding 50pack Package weight 0112 kilograms Number of items 50 Package dimensions 36 l x 211h x186w xcentimeters   2. CB Freezer Plastic Storage Box 10×10 100 Positions, for Centrifuge

Coolest 23 Erlenmeyers

  1. OLYCRAFT OLYCRAFT 5pcs Erlenmeyer Flasks Plastic Flask Conical Flask Narrow Neck Flasks Graduated 50ml 100ml 250ml 500ml and 1pc Plastic Measuring Cup for Laboratory School Project Smooth base for more stable placement reducing measurement error Excellent product quality no bubbles no burrs smooth and rounded Clear scale standard scale line is easier for

23 Best and Coolest Sterile Centrifuge Tubes

  1. Labnique 50 ml Conical Centrifuge Tube, Sterile, up to 12000xg, PP (Pack of 25) Length with cap 1214mm od of tube 286mm Maximum centrifugal force up to 12000xg Made of high transparency pp material 25 per pack eO Sterile External graduations with white marking area Screw cap with tight sealing   2. GlobalRoll

23 Greatest Nylon Membranes

  1. Whatman Whatman 6709-3602 Polycap AS 36 Nylon Membrane Capsule Filter with MNPT Inlet and SB Outlet, 60 psi Maximum Pressure, 0.2 Micron Autoclavable some presterilized with gamma irradiation Provides highly effective filtration area in a small size Sterile 02µm with mnpt inlet and stepped barb outlet Ultraclean containing no surfactant or mold release

Best 19 600 Ml Beakers

  1. Maryland Plastics, inc Maryland Plastics, Inc. Graduated 600 mL, Polypropylene Plastic Disposable Beaker, Measuring Cup Part Number L-1270 (Pack of 25) Well suited for various applications including laboratory schools and medical professional use Beakers are made from high quality chemical and heat resistant polypropylene plastic material Easy to use tapered pour spout and

20 Top Pipettor Accessories

  1. MUHWA 200 µl Pipette tip Box 96 Positions 0.2ml Laboratory Pipettor Tip Box-Red Material polypropylene autoclavable you can see the tips in box clearly Position 96 positions Package 1 x 96 positions pipettor tip box Total size 120 x 83 x 65mmlxwxh Each hole diameter 5mm fit for 200 µl pipettor tips  

18 Best and Coolest Standard Burettes

  1. Kimble Kimble 17027F-10 10mL Class A Serialized and Certified Burette, with PTFE Stopcock and Dust Cap Scale is durable white ceramic enamel Precision bore burette is permanently marked with an individual serial number Approximate length 664mm kimkap size 13mm Supplied with a certificate of graduation accuracy and designed from astm specification e287 class

20 Best and Coolest Bottletop Lab Filters

  1. Foxx Life Sciences Autofil Sterile Disposable Vacuum Filter Units with 0.45um PES Membrane for Prefiltration or Clarification, 1000mL, 12/CS Available in 01 μm 022 μm or 045 μm pes asymmetric membrane filter Forwardfacing large raised graduation marks for easy reading Secure grasp bottle cap technology Quickconnect pedestal base or cradle ring allows for