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24 Coolest Lb Agars

  1. Innovating Science Innovating Science Sabouraud-Dextrose Agar 100g, Makes 1 Liters of Medium Excellent for laboratories and classrooms ideal for use in a variety of biology and microbiology classrooms and laboratories Easy to prepare simply mix 65 g medium with 1 l deionized water and bring to a boil while stirring to ensure medium

Top 16 Best Agars

  1. Innovating Science Innovating Science Sabouraud-Dextrose Agar 100g, Makes 1 Liters of Medium General purpose growth medium 100g bottle of general purpose growth medium for the cultivation of fungi and yeast species in petri dishes or test tube slants Easy to prepare simply mix 65 g medium with 1 l deionized water and bring

Best 23 Tryptic Soy Agars

  1. Hardy Diagnostics Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), General Purpose Growth Medium, Criterion Dehydrated Culture Media, 2 Kilogram Bucket, by Hardy Diagnostics Convenient handgrip no slip finger holds Wide mouth opening reduces dust formation by allowing the easy entry of a scoop Unparalleled performance tested for optimal growth Increased solubility dissolves quickly Stackable containers for

Best 25 Microscope Kits

  1. KiZHXlo KiZHXlo Monocular Microscope 40X-1600X Magnification with Barlow Lens for Students Adults, Dual LED Illumination, with Science Kits Beginners Microscope Includes Phone Adapter Dual illumination system the starter microscope with builtin 8 different colors pinhole aperture rotating wheel to change luminance from led illumination The bottom led light can be turned on or

Top 17 Enzymes

  1. Innovating Science Enzymes and The Process of Digestion Kit includes 1 x 525g pancreatin bile salts 1 x 25g albumin egg pwd 1 x 25g starch soluble 1 x 10g pepsin 1 10000 1 x 025g amylase bacteriological pwd 1 x 25ml sodium hydroxide 01n 1 x 25ml hydrochloric acid 01n 1 x

22 Top Chemical Standards

  1. bluelab Bluelab GL56732898 PH 4.0 Calibration Solution, 500 milliliters lab-Chemical-Standards, Natural Ph instruments are calibrated to ph 7 0 first buffer then to ph 4 Calibration solution should be stored in a cool place out of direct sun and heat 0 slope Ph measuring equipment must be cleaned and calibrated regularly to ensure

15 Top Lab Chemicals

  1. Hanchen Hanchen Analytical Balance 220g/0.1mg Precise Digital Balance Lab Scale for Laboratory Pharmacy Jewelry Store Chemical Plant 110v Efficient data communication intricate data processing and expensive printer for high precision analytical balance has always been a pain for some of our customers according to their suggestions we add rs232 connectivity on our balance

25 Coolest Enzymes

  1. CellarScience Pectic Enzyme (1 oz) (Pack of 25) Enzyme 1 oz 28 g Enzymes denature above approximately 150f Used to reduce the hazing effect of pectins when making fruit wines or using real fruit in beers or meads   2. EDVOTEK Edvotek 225 Usage of Restriction Enzymes in DNA Fingerprinting Analysis, For 6

17 Best Chemical Buffers

  1. ACME Analytical Solutions ACME Analytical Solutions pH 7 Buffer Solution, pH Calibration Solution, 1 Gallon, pH Meter Calibration Solution, NIST Traceable Reference Standard, Designed for All pH Meters, 3.8 Liter Quality standard all of our ph buffers are traceable to nist national institute of standards and technology usa Universal solution the gallon calibration

16 Top Ph Indicators

  1. General Hydroponics GH pH Test Indicator 8 oz Bay hydro llc ships in 24 hours dont believe the estimated date as we are super fast Does not come with little vial as shown in picture just the 8oz bottle   2. Cardinal Health S / P Ph Indicator Strips By Cardinal Hea Ph