Karter Scientific Archive

Best 25 Scientific Slides

  1. Heathrow Scientific Heathrow Scientific HEA9913 HD9913 Cardboard Blue Trim Slide Tray, 20 Place, 208mm Length x 341mm Width x 9mm Height (Pack of 72) Cardboard for light weight Foldover cover helps protect slides from shock and damage Inner finger groove allows slide removal by touching only slide edges 26 x 76mm recessed compartments

Coolest 17 Low Form Beakers

  1. Karter Scientific Glass Low Form Beaker Set, 6 Sizes – 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1L, 3.3 Borosilicate Glass, Karter Scientific Griffin low form 6 sizes 10 50 100 250 500 1000ml 33 borosilicate glass Astm specification e960 type i requirements Extra large marking spot   2. Pyrex Pyrex 1000-3L Pyrex 1000-3L

Top 20 Best 500 Ml Beakers

  1. Shapenty Shapenty 5 Sizes 50ml / 100ml /250ml /500ml /1000ml Capacity Clear Plastic Graduated Measuring Beaker Set Liquid Cup Container, 5PCS Product name measuring beaker color clear white Graduated surface easy reading it is used widely in kitchen or laboratory Suitable for measuring flour sugar vinegar sauce or other liquid Made of polypropylene

Top 21 for Best Beaker Tong

  1. Karter Scientific Glass Low Form Beaker Set with Zinc Plated Beaker Tongs, 5 Sizes – 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1L, 3.3 Borosilicate Glass, Karter Scientific 213A8 Contains 1 each 50 100 250 500 1000ml beaker Borosilicate glass Astm specification e960 type i requirements Beaker tongs zincplated appropriately sized to handle all 5

Coolest 23 Erlenmeyers

  1. OLYCRAFT OLYCRAFT 5pcs Erlenmeyer Flasks Plastic Flask Conical Flask Narrow Neck Flasks Graduated 50ml 100ml 250ml 500ml and 1pc Plastic Measuring Cup for Laboratory School Project Smooth base for more stable placement reducing measurement error Excellent product quality no bubbles no burrs smooth and rounded Clear scale standard scale line is easier for

19 Top Borosilicate Glass Beakers

  1. Bomex Bomex Scientific 1000ml Glass Beaker 3.3 Borosilicate Glass Double Scale Graduated Glass beaker 1000ml there are varied specifications in glass measuring High quality material can ensure the long lasting usage 100 satisfaction guarantee our package contain 1pcs 1000ml borosilocate glass beaker We are mainly providing you the highest quality product if they

Top 23 Best 250 Ml Flasks

  1. Corning Corning 431144 Polycarbonate 250mL Sterile Erlenmeyer Flask with Polypropylene Vented Screw Cap (Case of 50) 250ml sterile clear impactresistant united states pharmacopeial convention usp class vi polycarbonate erlenmeyer flask for shaker cell culture applications and storing chemicals or mixtures Flask is radiation sterilized with the highest sterility assurance level sal of 1e6

15 Greatest Conical Bottoms

  1. Karter Scientific 1.5ml Micro-Centrifuge Tube, PP Materials, Mounted Screw Caps (Red), Conical Bottom, Non-Sterile, Karter Scientific 235M2 (Pack of 500) Volume 15ml Cap features hinged screw red silicon oring Autoclavable Maximum centrifugal speed 12000 rpm Optimal temperature range 86 c to 121 c   2. Kimble Kimble 45212-50 Glass Conical Bottom 50mL Heavy-Duty

Best 19 Griffin Beakers

  1. Labvida Labvida 12pcs of Griffin Low Form Glass Beakers, Vol.100ml, 3.3 Borosilicate with Printed Graduation, LVA005 Convenient to¬†use low form with printed graduation extra large marking spot Material 33 borosilicate glass uniform wall thickness Tolerance approximately 5 Meet standard specification for laboratory glass beakers astm specification e960 type i requirements Volume 100ml 34oz

Best Coplin Jar out of top 24

  1. ADAMAS-BETA Adamas-Beta Glass Slide Staining Jar,Coplin Staining Jar 5-Slide Capacity The design style is exquisite and practical which is very suitable for teaching and scientific research experiments Jar manufactured from sodalime glass that resists staining from eosin or hematoxylin Jar holds 5 slides vertically or 10 slides backtoback Slots in side of jar