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Top 22 Best Gc Column Lengths

  1. Gs-Tek Gs-Tek 8753-3020 PLOT U, GC Columns, Length 30m, I.D 0.53mm, Film Thickness 20um Equivalent to cpporabond u cpporaplot u hpplot u rtu bond Temperature limits c 80 to 190200 Similar products restek 19750 Divinylbenzeneethylene acrylate porous copolymer immobilized polar plot phase equivalent to usp g45 s4   2. Gs-Tek Gs-Tek 6253-7530UI GsBP-624

Best and Coolest 25 Pasteur Pipettes

  1. FWD 50pcs 0.2ml FWD Clear White Plastic Liquid Graduated Dropper Pasteur Transfer Pipette,Suitable for Essential Oils,Mixing Acrylic Paints& Science Laboratory (0.2ml) Advantage soft pliable and easy to use clear readable markings graduated Made of high quality food grade plastic nontoxic harmless you can buy it with confidence 50pcs 02ml translucent white plastic pipettes

23 Coolest GC Columns

  1. Agilent Technologies J&W DB-17 GC Column, 30 m, 0.25 mm, 0.15 um, 7 inch cage Excellent for confirmational analyses Solvent rinsable Mid polarity slightly more polar than hp50 50phenylmethylpolysiloxane Bonded and crosslinked   2. Agilent Technologies J&W DB-23 GC Column, 30 m, 0.25 mm, 0.25 um, 5 inch cage Bonded and crosslinked Designed

18 Best and Coolest Standard Burettes

  1. Kimble Kimble 17027F-10 10mL Class A Serialized and Certified Burette, with PTFE Stopcock and Dust Cap Scale is durable white ceramic enamel Precision bore burette is permanently marked with an individual serial number Approximate length 664mm kimkap size 13mm Supplied with a certificate of graduation accuracy and designed from astm specification e287 class

Top 25 Best Conical Centrifuge Tubes

  1. lasenersm 50 Pieces 5ml Clear Plastic Graduated Vial Tube with Blue Screw Caps Cold Storage Plastic Storage Container Test Tubes Plastic Centrifuge Tubes Conical Bottom Standing Plastic Vial Graduated vial tube flat screw cap conical bottom centrifuge tubes selfstanding designed High temperature and high pressure sterilization can be stored at low temperature can

15 Greatest Conical Bottoms

  1. Karter Scientific 1.5ml Micro-Centrifuge Tube, PP Materials, Mounted Screw Caps (Red), Conical Bottom, Non-Sterile, Karter Scientific 235M2 (Pack of 500) Volume 15ml Cap features hinged screw red silicon oring Autoclavable Maximum centrifugal speed 12000 rpm Optimal temperature range 86 c to 121 c   2. Kimble Kimble 45212-50 Glass Conical Bottom 50mL Heavy-Duty

Top 19 for Best Media Bottle

  1. Kimble Kimble 14395-2000 Borosilicate Glass GL-45 Media/Storage Bottle With Blue Polypropylene Screw Thread Cap, 2000mL (Case of 4) Replaceable clear natural dripfree polypropylene pour ring and linerless blue polypropylene gl 45 screw thread cap included on each bottle Autoclavable 30 mm id opening Enhanced graduations and marking spot made with chemically resistant white

21 Coolest Culture Tubes

  1. Bio Plas Bio Plas 6610 13mm Uni-Flex Safety Caps for Culture Tubes and Test Tubes, Lavender (Pack of 1000) Will not aerosol when opened Stretchable unique overlocking design is far superior to parafilm Locks securely onto the outside of the tube lip to prevent evaporation Easy one hand removal and application To close

Top 25 Best Desiccators

  1. SP Bel-Art SP Bel-Art Lab Companion Amber Polycarbonate Round Style Vacuum Desiccator; 20 Liter (F42400-2241) Viton 3way valve offers consistent and uniform vacuum draw vacuum release or gas exchange Transparent polycarbonate construction is durable easy to clean and chemicalresistant allows quick visualization of the desiccator contents Vacuum level checking is simplified with a

17 Best and Coolest Conical Centrifuges

  1. FveBzem FveBzem 50pcs 15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes Microcentrifuge Tube Sterile Plastic Test Tubes with Leak-Proof Screw Caps Lab Container with Graduated and Write-on Spot, Non-Pyrogenic, DN/RNase Free Leakproof 15 ml test tubes have longer length screw caps which is used to prevent sample leakage and it smooth flat inner surface no residual solution