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Best 25 Scientific Slides

  1. Heathrow Scientific Heathrow Scientific HEA9913 HD9913 Cardboard Blue Trim Slide Tray, 20 Place, 208mm Length x 341mm Width x 9mm Height (Pack of 72) Cardboard for light weight Foldover cover helps protect slides from shock and damage Inner finger groove allows slide removal by touching only slide edges 26 x 76mm recessed compartments

Best 23 Rnases

  1. Ackers BORO3.3 Ackers Conical Centrifuge Tubes 50mL, 25Pcs EO Sterile Polypropylene Leak-Proof Screw Caps with Graduated and Write Marks Lab Test Container,Non-Pyrogenic, DN/RNase Free, Human DNA-Free easy to read the easytoread black scale is accurate to 2 in increments of 5ml sterilized centrifuge tubes is eo sterilized non pyrogenic dnasernase freethe cap is

24 Best Glass Slides

  1. AmScope AmScope – Square Glass Microscope Cover Slips, 22mm x 22mm Cover Slides – Pack of 100 100 piece pack of 22mm x 22mm square precleaned glass microscope cover slips For use with microscope slides as slide covers or coverslips Nonfogging nonsticking with no bubbles scratches or striations Dimensions 086 x 086 22mm

15 Best and Coolest Microscope Glasses

  1. AmScope AmScope 40X-1000X All-Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless LED Student Biological Compound Microscope Sturdy all metal framework with led illumination system using either an outlet adapter included or three aa batteries or rechargeable batteries Popular informative book the world of the microscope as an introduction to microscopy 360 degree rotatable monocular head offers

24 Greatest Microscope Accessories

  1. Acogedor Mechanical Stage for Microscope, X-Y Moveable Stage Caliper with Scale, Microscope Moveable Caliper High quality and durable microscope moveable stage is made of high quality plastic and metal long serving life Parameter extended width 145cm 057in extended length 16cm 063in two locating pins 35mm 138in Microscope accessories it is a microscope accessories

20 Top 1000uls

  1. ULTECHNOVO Universal Pipette Tips Pipette Pipettor Tips with Box, 100pcs 1000ul Clear Plastic Liquid Pipettor Tips for Lab Low retention filtering pipette tips can minimize liquid retention for minimal sample loss and optimal sample yield Safe and clean 1000ul filtered pipette tips rnasednase free and pyrogen safe Fully autoclavable at 121oc for 20

Best 24 Glass Cover Slips

  1. Ambesonne Ambesonne Owls Office Chair Slipcover, Floral Bird Daisies Oranges Sunglasses Stripes Swirls Hearts Colorful, Protective Stretch Decorative Fabric Cover, Standard Size, Aqua Green Features easy to install Has ties to fasten the seat cover For seat backing of office chair Machine washable on cold cycle tumble dry on low Soft and breathable

Best and Coolest 17 Tecan Genesis

  1. Axygen Axygen TT-20-CBK-HTR Tecan Genesis Style Robotic Pipet Tips, 20 microliter, Liquid Level Sensing Hanging Type, Black PP, Wafer Racked, Non-Sterile (1 Case: 96 Tips/Rack; 24 Racks/Case) Compatible with tecan genesis freedom freedom evo miniprep cavro perkinelmerpackard multipsrobe ii ht multipsrobe ii ht ex robotic workstations Liquid level sensing hanging robotic pipet tips

22 Top Pipette Tip Racks

  1. TYQILIN TYQILIN 10ul Universal Filter Pipette Tips – Racked,RNase/DNase Free & Pyrogen Safe, Clear, 96 Tips/Rack Pk x 10 Racks (10ul) 1 960 tips 10 racks of 96 tips each are included in this box 5Ultraclear polypropylene the tips are made of high quality polypropylene material its resistant to any acid and alkali

25 Greatest Lab Microscope Slide Holders

  1. WintopScope Microscope Stage Micrometer Calibration Slide with 4-Scales and 0.01mm Multifunctional Reticle Calibrating Ruler Application for calibrating microscope or microscope camera reticles Two measuring division 001mm x 100 1mm 01mm x 10 1mm Size 75mm x 25mm x 1mm Two calibration dots 015mm 007mm   2. Heathrow Scientific Heathrow Scientific – HEA15994G HD15994G