Lab Stereo Microscopes Archive

20 Best and Coolest Trinoculars

  1. AmScope AmScope T390C Professional Compound Trinocular Microscope, 40X-2500X Magnification, WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces, Brightfield, Halogen Illumination, Abbe Condenser, Double-Layer Mechanical Stage, 110V-220V Auto-Switching Doublelayer mechanical stage with 10mm stage divisions locks slide into place and provides precise slide manipulation along the x and yaxis to allow coordinates to be recorded enabling the viewer

Top 25 for Best Eyepiece

  1. PARCO Parco Scientific PA-1EX-IFR09W Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope | 10x Widefield Eyepiece | 0.7X—4.5X Zoom Range, 7X—45x Magnification Range, 0.5X Aux Lens | Pillar Stand | 144-LED Ring Light 7x45x standard magnification range that when used with the included 05x auxiliary lens The parfocaled optical design ensures that images remain sharp crisp and

24 Best Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes

  1. AmScope AmScope 3.5X-90X Black Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Double Arm Boom Stand 212 65mm super widefield of view and 8 200mm working distance Super widefield optics provides crystal stereo erect images 35x90x stereo zoom microscope in black finish Trinocular port for adding photovideo capability   2. AmScope AmScope SM-6TX Professional Trinocular Stereo

24 Coolest Stereo Zoom Microscopes

  1. SWIFT SWIFT S7 Professional Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope,WF10X Eyepieces,3.5X-90X Magnification 0.7X-4.5X Objective,56-Bulb LED Ring Light, Single-Arm Boom Stand,0.5X and 2X Barlow Lens Two widefield 10x eyepieces with diopter adjustments pair with the7x45x zoom objective lens to offer magnification range of 7x45x additional objectives for unparalleled versatility Rugged construction with a sturdy metal base

Top 25 Best Boom Stands

  1. AmScope AmScope SE400X Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope, WF5x and WF10x Eyepieces, 5X and 10X Magnification, 1X Objective, LED Lighting, Boom-Arm Stand, 110V-120V 5x 10x widefield stereo magnification powers Professional stereo microscope with boom arm has long working distance to enables users to perform work or manipulate large items including circuit boards and dental

15 Top Motics

  1. Motic Motic 1101001903141, Phase Contrast 5 Position for Panthera Series Microscope, BF/DF/PH1/PH2/PH3 Turret Condenser 3w led30w hal transmitted illumination kohler illumination Digital smart cam head plan achromatic objectives Quintuplecoded nosepiece hdmi touch screen Smart cam imagingondevice optional usb for external wifi NA 090125 abbe condenser rackless mechanical stage   2. Motic Motic SW01.1831B

Best 22 Amscopes

  1. AmScope AmScope CA-CAN-SLR-III NEW Canon SLR / D-SLR Camera Adapter for Microscopes – Microscope Adapter Magnification power 2x material metal Canon cameras with this 2x adapter have a magnification powers between 12x and 15x depending on the cmos sizes of the cameras Work on monocular eye tube binocular eye tube or trinocular photovideo

Top 24 Binocular Microscopes

  1. SVBONY SVBONY SV605 Microscope 80X-1600X, Binocular Compound Lab Microscope, with 15x Slides, WF 10X and 20X Eyepiece, Dual Power Supply Include Power Adapter, LED Illumination, Double Layer Mechanical Stage Ready to use right out of the box this is a great starter kit comes with slides and glass covers and many other items

Top 15 Best Light Sources

  1. HAHIYO HAHIYO Hahiyo E10 Lamp Base Screw in Mount Light Socket Bulb Holder Fixture Easy Wire Tighten Down Not Loose Twist for light sources and indicator lights of distribution boxes Assorted Total 7pieces Hold nicelyGood for pendant fixtures to hold shadesIt will hold the lamp to light fixtureYou had better remove the inner

Top 21 Best Trinocular Microscopes

  1. VEVOR VEVOR Trinocular Stereo Microscope 7X-45X Magnification Zoom Microscope WF10X Eyepieces Lab Stereo Microscope 0.7X-4.5X Zoom Objective Stereo Laboratory Microscope w/LED Light & Single-Arm Boom Stand Wide application this stereo zoom microscope is widely used to observe plants rocks stamps jewelry soldered pieces microelectronic components etc It is an ideal tool for watchmakers