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Coolest 18 Lab Glasswares

  1. SUPERLELE SUPERLELE Glass Graduated Cylinder Set 10ml 25ml 50ml 100ml, Thick Glass Beaker Set 50ml 100ml 250ml with 2 Droppers Packed in thick epe and carton to prevent damage during transportation Package contains glass cylinders in 4 sizes 102550100ml glass beakers in 3 sizes 50100250ml and 2 glass droppers Product material cylinder and

Coolest 24 Distillation Apparatus

  1. Labnique Compact Vacuum Pump for Laboratory Vacuum Filtration Distillation Apparatus The low level vacuum about 120 mmhg produced by this unit is perfect for lab vacuum filtration uses It takes only a few minutes to filter 1000ml solution time may vary depend on your solution Note the pump is small and the vaccum

Best and Coolest 20 2000 Ml Flasks

  1. SP Bel-Art SP Bel-Art ā€œCā€-Shape Open 1.5lb Lead Ring Flask Weight with Vikem Vinyl Coating; for 500-2000ml Flasks (F18308-2000) Ideal for fluid handling setups already in placeno need to disconnect in order to stabilize The open ring is made of lead and covered with vikem vinyl and fits over side arm flasks without

22 Top Spherical Flasks

  1. LabZhang LabZhang 2Pcs 4.3″ Diam. Lab Flask Support Cork Stand 110mm for 250-2000mL Flasks,Laboratory Flask Cork Stand Mat Ring Holder for Round Bottom Flask Used to keep flasks or other spherical bottom containers from being easily damaged Made of highquality cork good elasticity friction resistance thermoelectric insulation Flask support is nontoxic tasteless small

Top 21 Best Lab Stoppers

  1. EISCO 10PK Neoprene Stoppers, 1 Hole – ASTM – Size: #0-13mm Bottom, 17mm Top, 25mm Length – Suitable for use with Petroleum, Oils & Most Inorganic Acids and Bases – Eisco Labs Manufactured by eisco labs eisco labs proudly manufactures its own products using stateoftheart equipment and following the highest standards of quality

24 Best Condensers

  1. ClimaTek Condenser Contactor Single Pole / 1 Pole 30 Amp Replaces Lennox 100438-01 Quality aftermarket replacement for lennox This is a brand new upgraded condenser contactor Rated for 30 amps Single pole 1 pole This contactor works with 99 of residential ac units   2. Supplying Demand Supplying Demand DA97-01949A Refrigerator Condenser Fan

21 Best and Coolest Boiling Flask Flat Bottoms

  1. EISCO Boiling Flask, 2000ml – Borosilicate Glass – Flat Bottom, Wide Neck – Eisco Labs 2000ml capacity Wide neck flat bottom beaded rim 95 tall 65 bottom diameter 375 neck length 25 neck diameter Made of high quality heavy duty borosilicate glass Perfect for any science or home laboratory   2. ULAB ULAB

18 Top Allihns

  1. LABOY Laboy Glass Allihn Condenser Reflux for Soxhlet Extractor with 45/50 Joint 260mm in Jacket Length 365mm Overall Height Distillation Apparatus Organic Chemistry Lab Glassware This is a special allihn condenser only with 3445 bottom male joint inserting to a soxhlet extractor bodythe size is larger with an inner tube consisting of a

18 Best Distillation Apparatus

  1. LABOY Laboy Glass Fractional Distillation Column Vigreux with 24/40 Joints 300mm in Indentation Length Lab Glass Condenser for Distillation Apparatus in Organic Chemsitry The distillation columnalso named vigreux column designed with 300mm deep pointed intendations in its sidewall to increase the surface area for liquid to condense With two 2440 standard taper joints

Top 20 Best Glass Stopcocks

  1. ADAMAS-BETA Vacuum Flow Control Adapter with Glass Stopcock, 29/42 Joint and Straight Hose Connection for Lab Supply Borosilicate glass heavy duty design reusable high quality Straight hose connection Ensures high quality and premium customer service Flow control adapter Premium glass stopcock   2. LABOY Laboy Glass Vacuum Flow-Control Adapter Straight with PTFE Stopcock