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21 Best and Coolest Lab Evaporators

  1. Hoshizaki Hoshizaki 4A2526-01 Adjustable Leg with 5 Toe, Black, 13″ Height, 11″ Width, 7″ Length Product type food service supply Country of origin united states Item package weight 0835 kg Item package dimensions 124 cm l x178 cm w x230 cm h   2. Across International Across International SE05x.110 SolventVap 0.5 gal/2 L

Top 17 for Best Short Stem Funnel

  1. stonylab stonylab Glass Powder Funnel, Heavy Wall Borosilicate Glass Short Stem Funnel with 75 mm Top Diameter and 22 mm Stem Diameter Top diameter 75 mm Stem diameter 22 mm Stonylab short stem powder funnel Borosilicate glass heavy duty and reusable Warranty stonylab 1year limited warranty if received damaged please contact us immediately

23 Top Stopcocks

  1. Generic 4 Way Key Wrench Set Fits Faucet, Spigots and Most Valves,Stopcock and Valves,4 Wrench Sizes,spigot handle replacement The removable 4way water key is extremely suitable for outdoor using Its easy to install and remove it temporarily The hole in the middle of this sillcock handy tool can be used to hang it

Best and Coolest 20 Lab Wash Bottles

  1. Ronyes Lifescience Wash bottle LDPE Bottle with Narrow Mouth (250ml+500ml) Closure and stem molded in one piece for leakproof service Wash bottle Material ldpe lowdensity polyethylene Narrow mouth short neck clear graduations excellent elasticity Capacity 250ml 500ml   2. DONSTRAW Wash Bottle 2pcs 250ml/8oz Safety Bottles Watering Tools, Economy Plastic Squeeze Bottle with

16 Best Lab Support Rings

  1. Ajax Scientific Ajax Scientific-LA540-0075 Cast Iron Support Ring with Clamp, 3″ Diameter 3inches diameter Ajax scientific support ring Cast iron enamel finish with brass thumbscrew Comes with integrated boss heads Distance from center of ring to center of boss head is 414inches   2. stonylab stonylab Lab Stand Set, Steel Support Stand with Rod

Top 20 Best Filtering Funnels

  1. QWORK QWORK 100ml Filtering Buchner Funnel Medium Frit (G2) Lab Glassware with Standard 24/40 Joint and Vacuum Serrated Tubulation, 56mm Inner-Diameter, 60mm Depth High quality made of borosilicate glass it has the advantage of excellent physical and chemical resistant Specification the inner diameter is 56mm with the 2440 standard joint Capacity the capacity

Best 16 Graduated Measuring Cylinders

  1. Glassware home Thick Glass Graduated Cylinder Measuring Liquid Lab Hexagon Base Cylinders Come with Cylinder Brush (Glass, 100ML) Excellent chemical resistance can be used as a reaction container for strong acid and alkali Clear reading lines moldedin graduation lines on the back of the cylinders ensure easier more accurate fluid level readings Come

Best Lab Short Stem Funnel out of top 22

  1. stonylab StonyLab 2-Pack Glass Heavy Wall Funnel Borosilicate Glass Funnel, Short Stem 100mm Diameter, 100mm Stem Length Stem length 100mm Made of borosilicate glass Package includes 2pack stonylab borosilicate glass funnels Diameter 100mm Stonylab ensures high quality products and premium customer service if received damaged please contact us immediately we will solve it

Best and Coolest 17 Glass Columns

  1. SuproBarware Shot Glass Set of 24 -1.2oz/35ml Clear Shot Glass with Heavy Base, Rock Shot Glasses bulk for Cocktail, Vodka, Espressos, Liqueurs, Tequila and Desserts Well cleaned before we send the perduct This shot glass will be well cleaned twice and make sure its totally dry and clean Quality gurantee please contact us

Best 19 Tubulations

  1. DADAKEWIN DADAKEWIN 100ml Clear Filtering Flask, Side Bolt Neck with Tubulation, Joint 24/29, Borosilicate 3.3 Glass, Heat Resistant Lab Filter Erlenmeyer Flask- Pack of 1 (Capacity : 100ml) Great for professional laboratories classrooms household superior chemical durability and heat tolerance Designed for use in professional laboratories but is an ideal choice for science