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19 Top Antifreeze Refractometers

  1. Fishawk Fishawk ATC Antifreeze Refractometer, Compact Design Antifreeze Refractometer, for Manual Calibration Knob Comfort While Viewing Automatic temperature compensation atc function Soft eyepiece gives you great comfort while viewing Equipped with a manual calibration knob you can rotate it to focus the scale clear Aluminum body sturdy and light weight Compact design with

16 Best Lab Support Rings

  1. Ajax Scientific Ajax Scientific-LA540-0075 Cast Iron Support Ring with Clamp, 3″ Diameter 3inches diameter Ajax scientific support ring Cast iron enamel finish with brass thumbscrew Comes with integrated boss heads Distance from center of ring to center of boss head is 414inches   2. stonylab stonylab Lab Stand Set, Steel Support Stand with Rod

24 Greatest Microscope Accessories

  1. Acogedor Mechanical Stage for Microscope, X-Y Moveable Stage Caliper with Scale, Microscope Moveable Caliper High quality and durable microscope moveable stage is made of high quality plastic and metal long serving life Parameter extended width 145cm 057in extended length 16cm 063in two locating pins 35mm 138in Microscope accessories it is a microscope accessories

Top 16 Best Micro Pipettes

  1. E-outstanding E-outstanding 150pcs Plastic Transparent Graduated Pipettes Liquid Transfer Droppers Lab Chemistry Experiment Supplies Disposable Dropping Pipette 0.2ml 0.5ml 1ml Type 150pcs disposable plastic scale pipette dropper 3 capacity 02ml05ml1ml each capacity of 50 Made of low density polyethylene environmentally friendly chemically inert nontoxic and harmless With good toughness and elasticity Can be

22 Greatest Pipette Pipettors

  1. ONiLAB ONiLAB 2-10Ml Adjustable Autoclavable Micropipette/Pipettor, Single Channel, 7010101033 Each pipette supplied with an individual calibration certificate Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience Easy calibration and maintenance the lower half can be autoclaved Large display window allows for easy volume identification Available in 11 different volume ranges covering from 0 1μl to 10ml

Best and Coolest 19 Lab Stands

  1. LabZhang LabZhang 5 Pack Lab Stand Clamp Holder Boss Head Aluminium Alloy Body Right Angle for Rods up to 18mm in Dia Stand clamp holder boss head made of aluminium alloywith a screw for attaching a clamp onto the stands rod Adjustable boss head clamp holdersMade of highquality aluminum alloy body with plastic

16 Best Pipettes & Pipettors

  1. Microyn Set of 3 Variable Volume Single Channel Pipettes, Adjustable Pipettors, 0.5-10 µl, 10-100 µl, 100-1000 µl with 3 Boxes of sterile Pipette Tips Individually tested and certified according to iso 9001 Three boxes of sterile pipette tips included 0510µl x96 10100µl x96 1001000µl x100 Ergonomic design ensures smooth operation They work well

23 Best Ptfe Stirrers

  1. Guyu Guyu Stir Bar,5 Pcs 30mm(1.18 inch) PTFE Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Bar,White Color,Laboratory Bar,Stir Plate Bars… Stir bars are coated with teflon ptfe covering builtin pivot axle helps to reduce vibration and wear during stirring High temperature up to 250 low temperature up to 196 Ample inventory 100 money back guarantee please rest

24 Coolest Microscope Lenses

  1. OMAX OMAX 0.5X Reduction Lens for Microscope Camera Mounting size standard cmount male 1 inch x 32 tpi for camera 232mm in diameter for ocular tube Total height 58 mm 1year warranty against manufacturing defects Reduction 05x   2. AmScope AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X All-Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless LED Student Biological Compound Microscope

22 Best and Coolest Contaminations

  1. Cortan360 Notice – Avoid Cross Contamination Wash Hands Sign | Label Decal Sticker Retail Store Sign Sticks to Any Surface 8″ Water resistent uv proof and scatch resistent use indoor or outdoors These signs are a great way to decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents Our safety signs warn of workplace hazards and